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Swap Shop

The Swap Shop has launched! Check it out on the 7th floor (next to Advocacy)

What is the swap shop? A new CSU service, the swap shop is a self-managed space where students can leave items they no longer want or use for other students. A tagging system gives items value through the stories previous owners have left behind rather than by a price tag. It's a sustainable alternative to disposing items you no longer want, and gives your goods a second life with someone else.

You can take something without leaving anything, and you never know what you might find!

What can you donate? just about anything! Some ideas are clothing (washed), small appliances, kitchenware, household items, that _____ you got for Christmas but never wanted, anything that reminds you of your ex... If it's in working condition, washed, and you'd give it to a friend then we'll take it!

You can leave items at CSU reception (H-711) Monday-Friday from 10am-6pm. If you're not sure about donating something just ask the receptionist or email

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